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Gwyneth’s Astrology
Libra Gwyneth Paltrow’s offscreen personal life has gotten her almost as much coverage as her on-screen pursuits. The lissome blonde actress, who burst onto the scene in the chilling thriller Seven (and managed to catch the eye of costar Brad Pitt in the process), is a true child of Hollywood. Paltrow’s parents, actress Blythe Danner and director Bruce Paltrow, didn’t exactly push their daughter into acting, but with family friends like Steven Spielberg, it wasn’t long before the bug bit
her. Paltrow’s the indie darling with an Oscar statuette (from 1998’s Shakespeare in Love); she’s wowed worldwide audiences with both her comic roles (as in The Royal Tenenbaums) and dramatic ones (such as Sylvia, about the dark life and death of poet Sylvia Plath). And love may have finally found Paltrow in her new family with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.
Can her future get any brighter? The stars know the answer!
Born under a Libra Sun, Paltrow’s “got class,” as ex-lover Brad Pitt was quick to tell friends. The actress is tasteful, refined and always well-dressed, making her eminently companionable.
Paltrow feels right at home in social situations, charming others with her wry eye and quick wit. She also seeks peace and harmony at every turn, so there’s nary a ruffled feather in her world. Since the actress’s Sun sits in the middle of a Stellium (a series of Conjunctions among three or more Planets) alongside Mercury, Uranus and Pluto in Libra, considerable energy is being cast upon her
Libran qualities, making them even more pronounced. In a nutshell, the actress will flourish in the company of others and will feel most complete when in a relationship, since much of her identity stems from this kinship. Finally, the Sun’s Conjunction to Pluto here tells us in no uncertain terms that this lady knows her power. With the Sun speaking to the Father, it’s also likely that Paltrow identifies strongly with her director dad and that he’s had a great influence on her.
Thanks to her Moon in Gemini, Paltrow is wonderfully versatile and can easily handle two or more ideas or jobs (or lovers!) at once. With both her Sun and Moon in Air Signs, Paltrow is smart, quick-witted and a natural for the snappy repartee of Shakespeare in Love. No wonder she received Oscar’s nod! With Mercury in pleasing Libra, Paltrow is once again the
life of the party, forever saying the right thing and dazzling others with her eloquence.
Her Venus in Leo tells us Paltrow was born to portray the warmhearted, romantic and charming characters that she’s played onscreen. She is flirtatious but also graceful, dazzling and intelligent, and she’s skilled at making her poise seem easy. Leo’s influence makes for someone generous and affectionate, yet attention-seeking. Paltrow likely adores being adored. Her high-profile relationship with Brad Pitt didn’t last forever; did her theatrical personality and need for attention prove to be too much for her more direct and above-board Sagittarian lover? Thankfully, her breakups with Pitt and, later, Affleck ended amicably. Leos, though fickle and a bit self-centered in love, are incredibly openhearted and openminded.
With Mars in Virgo, Paltrow’s urge regarding her work is summed up in one word: Perfection. She’s practical and steady, able to zero in on the details that will equal her success. Work is serious business for Paltrow, and she wants to get it right. Since her Mars is Square Jupiter in Capricorn, Paltrow is competitive to the max and needs to be The One, although she’ll get there in the classiest of ways — she’s a Libra, after all. When Paltrow got her Oscar statuette, her acceptance speech was a sweet serenade!

Credit: Astrology.com