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Gallery access: some information

Hi everyone,
since lots of people asked me about it, I thought it was time to make a post to explain what is going on with the gallery.
I receive lots of e-mails/comments everyday asking me why they can’t access the full gallery.
The reason is, simply put, that registration has been disabled.
Why? Well… if you’re a regular visitor of Gwyneth Paltrow Online, then you probably remember that this site has been hacked a couple of years ago. I lost everything! A website born in 2005 and I lost all its content and, clearly, photos as well. It took me these last two years to bring it back to the original from as much as possible and I didn’t even finish to upload the whole gallery. That and the fact that with the enabled registration those who registered were mostly sploggers and spammers (it took me forever to remove them all one by one!) led me to this decision.
So, basically, that’s what you’re going to see:

-Guest/Unregistered users can see thumbnails and middle photos only
-Registered users can see full images as well

Do you used to be a registered user and now you can’t no longer access the gallery? Please, send me an e-mail: probably your account has been inadvertently deleted along with the thousand spammers accounts. E-mail me and we’ll solve this issue.

Do you want to register to the gallery for the first time? Again, e-mail me and I’ll set you up an account.
This is the only solution I was able to find. I know it sucks, but believe me, I was forced to do it.

Finally, please note that if you register to the site by WordPress you’re NOT registring to the gallery as well. Not only on this site, but in every fansite I know. WordPress and Gallery registrations are (usually) two different procedures. That means that if you’re going to use your WordPress account to access the gallery, unless you used the same username and password to register to the gallery as well, IT WON’T WORK. I’m pointing this out because this is a very common mistake. 🙂

That’s all. Keep visiting and enjoying the site and, if you need any further information, here I am!


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