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Gwyneth Paltrow whips up a spicy salad in video

Gwyneth Paltrow likes it hot – her salad, that is.

The actress is back in the kitchen giving another cooking lesson in her latest blog post on Goop.com.

This time, she whips up a Vietnamese salad with the help of New York City-based chef Lee Gross.

“This is a great beautiful side salad or an entrée and it’s incredibly quick,” Paltrow proclaims in her video cooking lesson. “I love it. I wanted to learn how to do it because I can come home from work and make it [in] 15 minutes and have a gorgeous, fresh healthy meal.”

The salad packs in healthy veggies like bok choy leaves, Napa cabbage, watercress, carrots and cucumbers, but Paltrow appears most excited about Bird’s Eye chili.

Gross adds the hot pepper after asking the actress how hot she wants her salad.

“I like hot,” Paltrow professes. “You know me.”

She’s previously posted videos of herself making Bibimbop, and Quick Roast Chicken with potatoes and a farmers market salad.

Sources: NY Daily News; GOOP

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